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In accordance with Tiens Group's philosophy, namely "restoring health to mankind, contributing to society", Tiens products are subject to continuous research and development, entering the market under the way of thinking "To prevent diseases, to delay aging, and to care for environment in order to fulfill the needs of international costumers, to apply the newest technology and natural ingredients as the main components, to meet people's need in modern era, to keep costumers healthy, and to improve the quality of life of every family with satisfactory products and service.

Dynamics of life and working that is highly mobile gives us almost no time to take care of our own body. The health of our body decreased without being recognized by ourselves. So, what can we do about it? We may not allow diseases attacking us.

Tiens Group as a national company, having a company philosophy "Restoring health to mankind by contributing to society", dedicated itself to maintain the health of its costumers. TIENS Health Food Products referring to Chinese theory of maintaining the health culture, combined with modern technology, is able to supply nutrients demand of every person, to stabilize body function, to prevent diseases, and to bring health. Under various products and practical usage method, they can meet vitamins demanded by different people.


Life should be taken care of and be enjoyable. And to enjoy our life, we need to be healthy. TIENS health products using Chinese medicine which is closely related to meridian, energy and blood, acupuncture theory, through excellent design and modern technology, allow you to relax in taking care of your health, and enjoy a healthy life in the midst of your busy time.


Appearance is the first most impressing 'name cards' for everyone. Do you wish to add the value to this 'card name'? Beauty firstly comes from skin.

TIENS skin and beauty products contains varied conotations. TIENS creates skincare products with superior composition, consisting of herbal essence and also a mix of various nutrients suitable for different skin types. To give a clean appearance, to maintain moistness, to be charmingly beautiful, to provide nutrition needed by skin, to make your skin look shining and healthy.


The atmosphere of clean home appliances can eliminate fatigue after working. TIENS house cleaning products are created to help you creating warm and sweet atmosphere. These cleaning products are collaborated with the knowledge of production technology and high quality standard, and they consider daily household need, varied product types, varied use, cleaning the house optimum, bringing no damage to skin, and being evironment-friendly. They make household cores easier and lighter; make you enjoy a joyful life.