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The visiting of Vice president & president of Global Direct Selling Business Division Madam Bai Ping and high officials of Tiens Group

June 13 th 2011 was the memorable day for Bangladesh Tiens Family. Madam Bai Ping, the vice president of Tiens Group & the president of Global Directing Selling Business Division Tiens Group, Mr. Yang Xinghua, the Budget & Accounting Director Finance Center Global Direct Selling Business Division Tiens Group, Mr. Wei Lin, the senior manager of store Operation Management Operation Center Global Direct Selling Business Division Tiens Group & the Director of Shop Operation Distribution Dept. of China Region Tiens Group arrived at Dhaka Bangladesh at 2: 00am. It was the beginning of the 4 days journey of Bangladesh.

At the same day, through way- worn, Madam Bai Ping and the high officials visited Bangladesh Tiens Dhaka Branch office. At first, they listened to the Branch Manager of Tianshi ( Bangladesh) Co’ Ltd. Mr. Zhao Hang’s work report. Madam Bai Ping congratulated to Tiens Bangladesh for their great achievement made in the past year. At the same time, she also pointed out the weak point and shortcoming of Tiens Bangladesh. Madam Bai Ping mentioned employee need to understand more clearly about Tiens development strategy and key points.

Madam Bai Ping requested that our employees should forecast the future market develop trend and make the future work plan accordingly and actively. Meanwhile, Madam Bai Ping and high officials took this chance to give an encouraged training for our employees about employee management and incentive; Operation policy and management. She pointed out that our employee had to improve professional knowledge and had a shared mindset; Branch should put Tiens rules and regulation into implement and had a clear reward and punishment system and try our best to let Tiens Bangladesh employees to become a high discipline, high efficiency team. Tiens Bangladesh Branch employees were highly inspirited and encouraged. They expressed that they will try their level best to improve themselves, to contribute more to Tiens Bangladesh and to grow up together with Tiens Bangladesh!

  -Tianshi (Bangladesh) Co. Ltd 18.06.2011