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Tianshi Fruit and Vegetable Dish Detergent

The latest innovation for an environmental friendly fruits and vegetable/dish washing detergent, packed with natural botanical anti-bacteria extracts, an all-in-one tea tree oil essence and green tea essence for high performance concentrated cleaning power.
will wash away not only dirt, but your doubt with rich smooth foam for a healthier living. Rich in glucoside, coconut oil derivative and other natural ingredients, this gently formulated product cares for your hand too. Non-phosphate or alkyl-benzenes.
No artificial colors. Dilutable for various pigment. Uniquely combining the goodness of green tea and tea tree oil essence, it is refreshing and caring for all kinds of cleaning purpose. Usable for cleaning of fruits and vegetables too.

  • Instruction:
  • Method 1: dilute with 10L of water to 1 ml of product or just apply on damp scouring pad for cleaning.
  • Method 2: Following the dilution ration of 1:5 or 1:8 for normal cleaning activities.