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Tianshi Tooth Paste

Tianshi toothpaste is a modern toothpaste gel that performs several functions that promote good health. It aids in rubbing dental plague and foods off the teeth to eliminate or mask undesirable breath odors. Its excellent in its ph fineness, consistency and spread ability.

  • Ingredients:
  • Nullipore- a wide spectrum anti bacteria and pain killing agent.
  • Honey suckle has the function of anti bacteria and contingency
  • Wild chrysanthemum- cleans up the toxins in human body.
  • Functions:
  • Prevents teeth from stomatitis, gum swollen, bleeding, halitosis and erythrism , root infections and surface infections
  • Tianshi toothpaste has no fluoride. Prolonged use of much fluoride causes cavities and teeth day
  • Improves the hardness and the anti-acid ability of the teeth, protection teeth from cavity, surface and root infections